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Educational Programs

CFC has advocated an Educational Program throughout its history by providing formulation software tools to Educational Institutions for classroom use. Today, countless numbers of students around the world benefit from CFC's sophisticated optimization tools.

There is not another formulation program available that so clearly and quickly illustrates the integral relationships between ingredient quality, price and desired product characteristics. Special features of CFC's formulation systems allow quick comparison of each successive formula with the previous and enable the student to test and improve his/her intuitive and quantitative understanding of feedstuffs, formulation, nutrition, cost minimization and opportunity costs.

CFC offers an Educational version (Concept4ED) created specifically for student use. It operates and functions exactly as a commercial Concept4 least cost formulation system and includes demonstration data that students can change as they wish. Concept4ED is limited only in its data storage capacity.

Requests for Concept4ED may be submitted from the Trial Download menu.