Operator Training, Consulting, Implementation Planning

Getting the most from your formulation resources and the benefits of Concept5 can be accelerated through user training, consulting, implementation planning, etc. at your facility. This is a contractual service that is provided upon request.

Data Consolidation, Conversion, Renumbering, and Customization

The requirement for data consolidation because of mergers and acquisitions often creates an enormous burden for systems and formulation personnel. CFC's specialized utilities for converting, renumbering and consolidating data saves significant amounts of time and resources. Software customization is provided and maintained for active Support subscribers. Firm quotes are provided and accepted before the project commences.

Software Interfaces

CFC provides ( to your specifications ):

  • interfaces for in-house and third party accounting systems
  • interfaces to automated batching systems
  • mill mix reports (batch sheets, mill cards, mill ready reports, etc.)

Special Services

  • Development of Private Label Field Formulation Systems (built to your specifications)
  • Full-scale model development for specialized problem solving.