Concept5Nutrition and Formulation are pivotal points for management decisions, and involve complex and interrelated factors affecting costs, quality, and savings in feed and food manufacturing.

Truly a powerful resource, Concept5 is loaded with a broad range of comprehensive, high productivity formulation functions.

Providing the tools to help manage the complexity of the formulation process is at the very core of Concept5. It is the foundation for optional modules that comprise a full suite of Formulation and Management Systems. Its modular design guarantees future expansion by adding options at any time as needs change.

A large capacity formulation system structured around a multi-user shared database, Concept5 offers a choice of configuration options, from an unlimited number of concurrent users, a single user or scaled to individual needs.

Easy to understand and use

The well designed, fully interactive user interface integrates seamlessly with the optimization processes and assures the user easy navigation through the application. Although specialized and powerful, Concept5's operation is uncomplicated, easy to understand and use. Follow the menus and review and edit on the same screen. Menus are logical - choices are clear and results are immediate! On-Screen Help is available from almost every screen.

30-day fully functional trials of Concept5 are available with all features enabled for evaluation. As you operate the trial system, observe how the database is secured in a multi-user environment through the comprehensive Administration/Security function.

Create some experimental diets using CFC's outstanding special formulation techniques of the Interactive On-Screen Formulation with Parametrics.

If you periodically reformulate all products, you will want to examine the Formulation Worklists feature that not only saves valuable time in reviewing the results but also identifies savings opportunities.

Browse Features enable easy database inspection and modification.

Assign limits to ingredient types and include ingredient ratios and nutrient ratio controls to formula specifications with Ratio Features.

Track and retrieve formulas and historical ingredient data.

Compute certain nutrient values within ingredients as a function of other nutrients using the Nutrient Equations feature.

Use the Derivative Formulas feature to avoid maintaining separate specifications for formulas that are only slightly different from others.

Define ingredients within a formulation to be extracted and saved as secondary formulas (ie Premixes or Supplements) while designating their rates of inclusion. An important aspect of this function is that it can be done while maintaining an overall Least Cost Formulation. This function, named the Supplement Formulation Assistant considers the supplement ingredients collectively at a defined inclusion rate (if desired) and least costs the mix in a way to make the inclusion of the premix/supplement work at that rate and still be Least Cost.

Merge a combination of standard feed supplements and commodities into a single formula and product specification with the Formula Combine utility.

Transfer data between Concept5 databases or external applications easily with the Data Exchange feature.

The AAFCO Pet Food Formula Comparison feature compares the nutrient profile of a chosen product to one of four standard nutrient profiles, and indicates any violation of the standard values. Per convention, the product nutrients are converted to 100% dry matter and then corrected to the standard AAFCO Pet ME value for the corresponding species (currently 3.5 for dogs, 4.0 for cats) before comparing to the standard values. For more information, screen and report samples, click here.

Concept5 contains many other complementary standard features that you will discover as you operate the trial and the system may be easily expanded with additional formulation and management optional modules. Trials of most of these options are available within the Concept5 trial and may be accessed by selection from the Add-On Functions frame of the formulation Main Menu.

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