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Fertilizer Formulation

A better yield starts with a better mix.  Bring your fertilizer mixes to a higher level with the CFC Fertilizer Blending System. This is a low cost stand-alone program that is easy and convenient for field staff and blending plant employees to navigate and understand.

Formulate to "Grade" or "Soil Test" Requirements:

  • Use the CFC Fertilizer Formulation system to formulate a dry blend or liquid solution based on "Soil Test Requirements" as determined by laboratory testing. When using this method, recommended nutrient amounts (lbs/kg) per area (acre/hectare) are entered together with the size of the area to be fertilized. The system returns a formula using the most economical mix of available ingredients and an application rate minimized to cost per acre (hectare).
  • When formulating to "Grade Requirements", the nutrient levels and ingredient restrictions are specified and the formula is optimized to these requirements.
  • Up to 500 formulas can be identified, saved, and recalled.

Ready to give it a try? Download and operate a fully functional, obligation-free trial for 30 days.

Simply complete and submit the Software Trial Request.

Follow the links below to view a few screen samples.

Fertilizer blends to "Grade" Formulation Example.

Dry Fertilizer Formulations - "Soil Test" Requirement Formulation Example.

Liquid Fertilizer Formulations - "Soil Test" Requirement Formulation Example.

For all methods, a customized report is available that details all the components of the mix including the application rate. Simply print the report, copy it to the clipboard or save it to a file. Specific customers that have been identified by name and address will appear on the Formula Report and Batch Report.