Pet Food

Creative Formulation Concepts provides formulation models that:

Speak the language of the pet food manufacturing process;

Recognize the steps involved in manufacturing complex products;

Integrate the entire process to minimize costs and maximize profits;

Understand the importance of moisture loss or gain and

bring it all together with one click of the mouse.

Creative Formulation Concepts provides a full suite of formulation and management tools used extensively by Food Scientists and Technologists.

Powerful resources, the CFC systems address today's marketing and production strategies of the petfood manufacturer. The Concept5 Formulation System provides the database that integrates formulation and management functions. Its modular design presents many configuration choices that assure easy package expansion by adding optional modules any time needs change.

A standard feature of the Concept5 system, the AAFCO Pet Food Formula Comparison feature compares the nutrient profile of a chosen product to one of four standard nutrient profiles, and indicates any violation of the standard values.

  • CFC's Multi-Step/Multi-Component Formulation model is used for the definition and simultaneous solution to the most complex products that undergo moisture changes (usually loss) during multiple processing steps.

The Concept5 Multi-Step model:

  • Meets nutritional requirements at the finished product moisture level
  • Minimizes the formula cost per ton of the finished product after moisture loss
  • Provides a means of controlling ingredient inclusion rates as a function of the finished product weight. (Premixes and coatings, for example).
  • Defines product specifications in terms of the multiple step manufacturing process required.
  • Provides a simple definition of the required order of ingredients and/or ingredient types in the finished product (the "label deck").

  • For Ingredient Blending - Creative Formulation Concepts'ProMaxoffers new opportunities for maximizing profit.

The Concept5 Maximum Return Optimization Model:

Unlike traditional least cost algorithms that minimize costs, the ProMax model is structured on technology to maximize profit. When ingredient supplies are a factor in deciding which products are made and at what quantities, ProMax:

  • Allocates Ingredient usage
  • Determines which products to manufacture - and at what levels for the greatest profit
  • Determines and advises on the disposal or sale of excess ingredient inventories.

If you blend raw materials to produce a marketable product, we invite you to learn more about the function of the model and try it for 30 days with no obligation. Request a Concept5 trial download and CFC will provide instructions for activating the ProMax trial.

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One size does not fit all

CFC's systems are structured to fit operations of all sizes. A variety of formulation systems are available that range from Introductory and intermediate to full-featured, powerful versions that permit an unlimited number of concurrent users.