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Our Clients

Long-term and valuable client relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. CFC's years of friendship and association with some of the most progressive, forward-thinking industry leaders have sharpened our technological edge and influenced the direction of our research and development efforts.

Today, formulation techniques are presented that could only be dreamed about in advance of the technological explosion and monumental improvements in the computer industries of recent years. The Animal Agriculture, Food Science and allied Industries continue to change at breakneck speed, adopting new standards and trends that often drastically change the way our clients conduct business.

Dedicated to staying ahead in keenly competitive markets, CFC clients enthusiastically embrace new technologies, marketing and production strategies. CFC is equally dedicated to quickly responding to the changing software needs of our clients.

CFC's software is structured to fit the needs of companies of all sizes and our clients range from small production sites to large multi-National companies. CFC's software is used extensively by Nutritionists, Food Scientists, Formulators, Researchers and Developers, Purchasers, Management, Sales and Marketing and Quality Assurance Departments of a variety of blending industries. These industries include Animal Feed (bulk and pre-mix); Petood; Human Food; Poultry and Swine Integrators; Aquaculture; Veterinarians; Ingredient Suppliers; Fertilizer Suppliers, Consultants; Technical Sales and Educational Institutions.