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CFC's Suite of Formulation and Management systems offer significant advantages to Food Scientists and Technologists in the product design process that involves repetitious experimentation in order to formulate the correct balance of ingredients at different processing steps.

Recipes can be made up of raw materials, compound ingredients, sub-processes and other recipes. As recipes are developed or adjusted, all relevant calculations (the cost, moisture and evaporation losses, the ingredient declaration, and the dietary profile of the product) are performed automatically.

All the relevant data is immediately presented on screen; the nutritional information, ingredient list and cost are all dynamically updated. The Concept5 "Full Screen Formulation" built-in parametric features provide the means to perform 'what-if' analyses on product raw material costs, enabling the results to be seen in a matter of seconds with special reports to help analyze the results.

Canned meat products, meat snacks, cereals, baby food, and lunch meat, to name just a few, require exacting ingredient and finished product specifications. Their manufacturing processes include multiple steps and also entail the control of moisture levels throughout the processing – a challenge clarified and resolved with CFC's Multi-Step Optimization module.

The perishable nature of fresh meats and other high moisture ingredients may, at times, demand decisive action. CFC's Multi-Product Optimization module (MOP) quickly and clearly defines the use of scarce and/or excess ingredients in the most cost-efficient manner.

Use of the Data Exchange feature exports recipe data to applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and can be integrated with external systems such as manufacturing control systems.

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One size does not fit all

CFC's systems are structured to fit operations of all sizes. A variety of formulation systems are available that range from Introductory and intermediate to full-featured, powerful versions that permit an unlimited number of concurrent users.

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