New Concept 5 Features Published

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Andy Watland
Formulation 2015 Update Concept 5

CFC Tech Services releases 3 to 6 updates of the popular and robust Concept 5 formulation program per year.  The latest revision (assigned Version 15.05.29) includes a long list of recent as well as previous notable enhancements including the following highlights:

Expanded Full Screen Buffered Formulation - Version 15.05.29, June, 2015

First Introduced by CFC when still known as Agri-Data Systems, Inc., The Full Screen Buffered Formulation user interface was a formulation software industry first.  This feature continues to be the "go to" function within CFC Formulation Software for formulators and nutritionists.  Having so many years of refinement, it would be difficult to find something that needed improvement within this function.  But, in this case we found that maybe bigger might be better.   With advent of higher screen resolutions and wider screens, the most logical change was to make this screen larger and more readable.  A setting within the user maintenance function allows the selection of the regular or expanded version of the Full Screen Formulation function.

Ingredient Min and Max - Version 14.11.11, November, 2014

As usual, most of our best enhancements and ideas come from the users of the Concept 5 program.  This enhancement is a perfect illustration.  A range may now be assigned to ingredient nutrient values to prevent the entry of a value that is outside a reasonable value.  This helps maintain a higher level of formula integrity by preventing formulas from being calculated with nutrient values that may have been erroneously entered due to a typo or bad data.  

Anyplace a user can access and attempt to modify ingredient nutrient values, the value entered is checked for a min and/or max value.  If it is outside the Min and/or Max range the user is notified that it is out of range.

Backup - Version 14.07.01, July, 2014

One of the worst, most frustrating and time consuming issues that can happen is the loss of data.  For this reason, a new feature (under the Utilities option on the main menu) was added last year to aid in the task of data backup.  The focus of this backup function is to make a basic backup of the Concept 5 database files quick, easy and automatic backups for defined database folders are saved as ZIP files for easy and simple restore process if needed.  The backup files are saved in a defined folder and retained for the number of days specified. 

New Expanded Standard Report Format - Version 14.07.01, July, 2014

Almost every feed or petfood mill has a little different requirement for the look and content of a mix report.  However, there are still standard mix reports in Concept 5 that can meet many needs.  A recent increase in requests for mix reports that show more messages and scale headings as well as some selected nutrient values of the formulas has prompted the addition of a new standard mix report.  This mix report, assigned code 105, has the flexibility to show nutrient values, scale headings, special mix instructions and has flexible batch sizes based on the products "Manufactured" batch size.