Creative Formulation Concepts - Restructuring

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Andy Watland
Creative Formulation Concepts Corporate Restructuring

As of July 1, 2012, Creative Formulation Concepts, LLC completed the final significant phase of a restructuring plan. The restructuring began about 4 years ago with the formation of CFC Tech Services, a Minnesota corporation formed by Andy Watland for the purpose of providing installation, training and support functions for all CFC software products.

In addition to the customer assistance and support, beginning July 1, 2012, CFC Tech Services, Inc. was expanded to accommodate added functions involving the daily operations, management, development, sales and marketing activities.  Also on this date, a new key individual was added to CFC Tech Services.  As of this date, Mark Weber from Mankato, MN joined CFC Tech Services as an equal partner. Over the past two years Mark has been leading the development activities for the company.  

As our customers can attest, there has been no change to the high level of customer assistance and software support that contributed to the excellent reputation enjoyed by Agri-Data/Creative Formulation throughout its 30+ year history.  CFC Tech Services is now in the enviable position of having the benefit of experience and technical knowhow acquired over more than 30 years combined with the knowledge from new, highly capable and experienced individuals.

We are excited about the future and new technical capabilities that continue to become available at an amazing pace.  Both Mark and Andy consider it a privilege to be a part of this continued advancement in formulation and related software.  They, as well as additional new members of the CFC Team, look forward to working with you as well as the industry as a whole in this important aspect of feed and food manufacturing.