July and September 2014 Updates

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Andy Watland
Concept 5 Updates

Updates to the Concept 5 and Concept 5-M programs are now available to download for support/maintenance subscribers!

Here is a partial listing of new features and improvements to the Concept 5 family of programs so far in 2014:

 Copy to Clipboard Function includes "Date" information which is now being sent so Excel detects it is a date and formats it according to the regional setting of the PC being used.

The Multi-Product Formulation tool (MOP) now allows a user to specify a Substitute Cost set for a optimization run. 

 The Export to Grid function from within Data Exchange will remember user preferences for export settings by user ID. 

 Mix Reports - A new generic Mill Mix Report Format # 105 with following Features:

1. Allow for the user to select Nutrients to be shown on report
2. Referencing Ingredient Mix Parameter #2 ""Scale"", and the addition of a definitions table to be shown on report as scale headings.
3. Left Side based on Formulation Batch Size and Right Side based on MFG Batch Size"


  NEW FEATURE (Concept 5 only) -  Automatic or manual backup of database fils to zip file when program is started. (see Concept 5 Main Menu Item "Utilities / Backup"). Includes requirement for DOT NET Framework Installation handled by all new installs as well as updates from ver 14.07.01 and on.  In addition, DOT NET runtime files now required in CFC5 Program folder are also loaded with all new installs and updates from ver 14.07.01.

 Full Screen Formulation - Nutrient Ratio Edit Allow Negative value in the left hand side of a nutrient equation 

 Product Archiving - New Wide Report Format for Archived Product 

 Data Exchange - New generic import function to import product string data under DEX . 

 Data Exchange - New feature that allows you to generate a export grid of information that shows a list of ingredients as rows and multiuple columns of ingredient cost data based on substitute cost sets. Designed for both an on screen report and/or an export to a CSV file. 

There are many more so be sure to log in for a full listing.  

We also have a great list of additional improvements and enhancements that are due to be released over the coming months.  Be sure check back for further information.