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Beef Growout Model

With minimal input based on cattle characteristics, ration composition and economic data, feed manufacturers, nutritionists, feedlots and ranchers can simulate expected days on feed, weight gains and profitability of proposed feeding programs for growing and finishing beef cattle.

The Grow-out Model is an integrated feature of the CFC flagship formulation system, Concept5. All Concept5 rations are available to the model for use in defining the rations to be fed during the grow-out simulation.

Define characteristics of the herd

  • breed
  • cattle type
  • body condition score
  • begin and end weight
  • begin and end shrink
  • number of head
  • death loss percent

Enter economic data, such as:

  • cattle buying and selling costs
  • cattle transportation and yardage charges
  • feed and cattle interest rates
  • feed markup per ton or percent
  • veterinary service and medicine costs
  • commission costs

Predictive equations are used for determining the daily energy requirements, dry matter intake and average daily gain.

Adjustment factors (multipliers) are used for adjusting equation results for breed, sex, lactation effect, body condition score, the use of ionophores, anabolic implants, and environmental factors such as mud and temperature.

All predictive equations and adjustment factor defaults are from the NRC Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle, Seventh Revised Edition, 1996, with NRC 2000 modifications. All energy multipliers and dry matter adjustment factors used in the predictive equations may be changed by the user.

Reports are available for each grow-out simulation:

  • The Performance Summary includes:
    • The number of days on feed required to grow-out the cattle from the start weight to the end weight as stated in the cattle specifications
    • The weight gain per head
    • The pounds of feed required per head
    • Average daily intakes
    • Feed conversion factors
  • The Financial Summary includes:
    • Feed, Interest and overhead costs
    • Cost per pound of gain
    • Breakeven buying and selling cattle costs
    • A profit/loss summary
  • Ration Usage and Cost Summary - Provides a columnar report showing for each ration used in the grow-out:
    • Number of days on feed
    • Begin and end body weights
    • Average daily gain
    • Average daily intake
    • Total ration intake and cost
  • Daily Grow-out Model Detail
    • A report showing the daily details of the grow-out simulation.
  • Graphical Breakeven Summaries
    • Profit graphs depicting the effects on profit per head at varying levels of buying price, selling price and feed cost.

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